Overall Theme: Impact analysis

Impact analysis (objectives 3-4): predictive modelling by integration of process models in one numerical framework to predict subsidence under different management scenarios, developing new methods to estimate subsidence-related damage to infrastructure, buildings and agriculture, besides GHG emissions, as input for an socio-economic cost-benefit analysis (SCBA, converting mm/yr to €/yr).

This work package has a focus on numerical model development and (big) data analyses and includes geomodelling, material science research and economic modeling.

WP3 bridges the gap between knowledge of impacts of land subsidence and decision-making. The aim of the WP is to provide spatial forecasts of actual and future scenario subsidence, including modules to assess costs of land subsidence and assess potential measures at regional scale in Social Cost Benefit Analysis (SCBA). WP3 pulls together costing of damage of different types (buildings, infrastructure, impacts on agriculture) with safety concerns due to increasing risks of flooding.