WP1.3 Subsidence, relative sea-level rise, GIA

Work package 1.3 will track and trace the use of GIA modelling in the process chains of InSAR data processing (WP1.1) and subsidence spatial forecasting (WP3), notably for scenario’s that include sea-level rise (SLR) in the 21st century. Meta review of GIA-attributed subsidence will be performed, to fill a library of GIA-modelling inputs and output (PhD topic, supervised by dr. Kim Cohen and prof. dr. Roderik van de Wal). Scrutinized input data (e.g. weeding and replacing outdated glacial limit and sea-level reconstructions; joint experience of UU, Deltares, TNO-GSN, NIOZ) will be generated to feed new controlled sensitivity runs of the regional GIA-SLR models of TU Delft (attention to Earth rheology; dr. Wouter van der Wal) and NIOZ (attention on long-term sea-level forcing; dr. Paolo Stocchi). Collaborations are foreseen with PhD candidates in projects of other funding at TUD, NIOZ and IMAU UU.

The PhD candidate working in WP 1.3 is Kim de Wit. The work has started 1 November 2020.