Overall theme: Measures and governance approaches

Measures and governance approaches (objective 4): i) identifying suitable mitigation, adaptation and compensation measures, ii) developing economic and financial tools aiming at supporting parties to carry the costs of damage and/or implementation of measures, iii) provide recommendations for strengthening governance capacities for dealing with existing and new challenges (e.g. drought, salinization due to sea-level rise) in water management and spatial planning, iv) developing equitable and legitimate legal frameworks to effectively implement new strategies of dealing with subsidence.

WP4 aims to develop a comprehensive overview of the pros, cons and mutual interactions of promising measures as well as governance approaches aimed at effective and legitimate subsidence management strategies focusing on mitigation and adaptation. WP4 uses WP3’s input to base the measures and governance approaches on sound modelling results and cost benefit analyses. This will significantly advance the state of the art of knowledge on these measures’ technical opportunities and barriers as well as the governance capacities and legal frameworks - including compensation and recovery mechanisms - necessary for their legitimate implementation.