Organizational management

WP 6 manages and facilitates the entire research program and to safeguard the integration of the results from WP1-4, knowledge utilization (WP5) and national and international outreach, both scientific and applied (WP1-5). The main activities/responsibilities of WP6 include:

  1. coordination of the exchange of results between the different work packages;
  2. coordination of exchange of results and data products with NIB;
  3. case study management; make sure that synergy is found in the measurement activities, make sure that local authorities of case studies are involved and not over-asked;
  4. scenario usage management of scenarios developed in WP4; gain support and securing use of scenarios in WP1-5;
  5. communication at program level and to all program partners;

This management WP will be led by dr. Stouthamer (program leader) and carried out together with the WP-leaders. In our decisions we will seek frequent advise and support from the steering committee and the knowledge-user board (also see The Team).