WP2.3 Greenhouse gas production and shrinkage-swelling in peat

The hydrological model SWAP and nutrient flow model ANIMO can be used together to model subsidence and decomposition in peat soils, but several processes require a better understanding and description. In this subproject, we want to improve SWAP-ANIMO for peat soils with new observations and by improving the description of CO2 and N2O emissions, shrinkage and swelling. The aim is to predict subsidence and greenhouse gas emissions under different water management scenarios. In preparation for that we will study soil properties, decomposition rates and outgoing greenhouse gases under different moisture conditions in a column experiment and soil incubation study.

The PhD student working on project WP2.3 is Erne Blondeau (WUR), supervised by prof. dr. ir. Jan Willem van Groenigen, dr. ir. Gerard Velthof, ir. Jan van den Akker and ir. Rob Hendriks. The research started 1 September 2020.