WP 3.2: Damage assessment for buildings and infrastructure

Work package 3.2, aims to develop a reliable approach for the assessment of the settlement-induced damage to the built heritage due to land subsidence.

In the Netherlands, the subsidence-related ground motion is amplified by the characteristics of the subsoil, mainly characterized by the presence of peat and organic clay layers (soft soils). The settlements that affect a given area are highly influenced by the soil heterogeneities, the groundwater regime, and the loading conditions applied on the subsoil system, leading to unwanted consolidation processes that can cause damage to the Dutch built heritage. The major aspiration is to achieve a better understanding of subsidence-related settlement occurrence and to be able to judge the influence of the variability in the soil systems, the buildings variabilities, and the groundwater regime.

The PhD candidate working in WP 3.2 is Alfonso Prosperi, supervised by prof. dr. ir. Jan Rots (TUD), dr. ir. Mandy Korff (TUD / Deltares), and ir. Paul Korswagen Eguren (TUD). The work has started on 1 October 2020.