WP4.3 Legal aspects of soil subsidence: responsibilities and liability

Soil subsidence in Dutch peat meadow areas will cause much damage in the (near) future. The damage, however, can be prevented or reduced when governments, which regulate and/or perform activities that cause soil subsidence, change their policies and decision-making with regard to soil subsidence. WP 4.3 focuses on how  different arrangements of how (decentralised) governments perform their duties and exercise their powers could lead to a change in policy- and decision-making, taking away current impediments for such changes. The research also focuses on how liability for damage caused by soil subsidence, or by measures counteracting soil subsidence, could or should be arranged, so that these damages are compensated in a fair and equitable way.

The PhD research for WP 4.3 is conducted by Martijn van Gils (UU), under supervision of prof. dr. Marleen van Rijswick and dr. Frank Groothuijse.