About Us

Meet the team

The LOSS team is led by dr. Esther Stouthamer and dr. Gilles Erkens.

They are supported substantively by the steering committee, which includes the leaders of the LOSS work packages and representatives of the other scientific partners:

Esther Stouthamer (UU, voorzitter)
Gilles Erkens (UU/Deltares)
Ramon Hanssen (WP1) (TUD)
Mariet Hefting (WP2) (UU)
Hans-Peter Weikard (WP3) (WUR)
Peter Driessen (WP4) (UU)
Dries Hegger (UU)
Mandy Korff (TUD/Deltares)
Jan Rots (TUD)
Kim Cohen (UU)
Jan van den Akker (WEnR)
Jan Willem van Groenigen (WUR)
Marleen van Rijswick (UU)
Frank Groothuijse (UU)
Peter Fokker (TNO/UU)
Kay Koster (TNO)
Bernardien Tiehatten (Ambient)
Oscar van Vliet (UU)

Three others work part time on LOSS to provide support:
Oscar van Vliet as programme manager
Bernardien Tiehatten as transdisciplinary interface manager (TIM), and
Ruth de Klerk as our pillar of administrative support.

LOSS will also have an international scientific advisory board but this board has not yet been fully recruited.