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SPAMS: A new empirical model for soft soil surface displacement based on meteorological input data

LOSS researchers  Philip Conroy and Ramon Hanssen published a new paper in Geoderma:.

They present SPAMS: Simple Parameterization for the Motion of Soils, a model to describe the motion of deformable soils in the Vadose zone, mainly peat and clay, herein called shallow soft soils. The SPAMS model estimates the reversible and irreversible vertical component of surface displacement to within sub-centimetre RMSE, using only four parameters: three scaling factors and an integration time. Requiring only meteorological data as an input, its lightweight nature and simple implementation make it a powerful tool when used as a first approximation in inverse problems like those encountered in remote sensing. It has been validated against in-situ data from five test sites in The Netherlands with different Holocene soil strata.