Who else is working on land subsidence?

Three major research programmes exists in the Netherlands, in addition to LOSS:

  • Regiodeal bodemdaling Groene Hart do applied and regionally-focused research to supply information about land subsidence to stakeholders in the Groene Hart region. We mostly cooperate in measuring land subsidence through INSAR (WP1) and measuring swelling and shrinkage in clay and peat (WP2).
  • DeepNL focus on land subsidence the natural gas field in Groningen, and more fundamental science. We mostly cooperate in analysing soil movement (WP2) and modelling impacts of land subsidence (WP3).
  • Netherlands Research Program on Greenhouse Gas Dynamics of Peatlands and Organic Soils (NOBV in Dutch) is chiefly aimed at greenhouse gas emissions from peat breakdown. We cooperate on field measurements, especially measuring land subsidence through INSAR (WP1), analysing peat breakdown (WP2), and modelling impacts of land subsidence (WP3).

LOSS has a large number of partners, but not everyone who deals with land subsidence in the Netherlands is part of our consortium. We therefore work with three net work organisations to keep listening to what is going on in practice and widely share our new knowledge:

  • Nationaal Kenniscentrum Bodemdaling en Funderingen (KBF) is the knowledge hub for land subsidence in the Netherlands, with a physical knowledge centre in Gouda, and a large network. We mostly cooperate in ‘deelexpedities’, contribute to each other’s events, and KBF give us access to their large network of stakeholders (those who are not partners in LOSS).
  • Kenniscentrum aanpak funderingsproblematiek (KCAF) is both a knowledge hub and interest group for residents with problems with their buildings’ foundations. Through KCAF, we connect to people who suffer from land subsidence, and exchange knowledge, mostly about damage to buildings (WP4).
  • Platform Slappe Bodem (PSB, one of the partners in LOSS) is a network of governments and lobby group for municipalities, provinces and water boards. We connect to policymakers and politicans through PSB.