Living on Soft Soils

Ongoing subsidence is a complex problem in the Dutch lowlands for cities and polder land. As subsidence proceeds, old strategies for coping with it reach bottom limits as they do not fix or remove the roots of the problem. The research programme NWA-LOSS (Living on Soft Soils, funded from the National Science Agenda) is ran by a broad consortium of research institutes and societal partners in the Netherlands. It strives to achieve three big things:

  • To develop and test and arrange for new strategies to cope with land subsidence in low lands, where one lives on soft soils (technical, natural, governance, law, planning, participation, responding, public-private, in urban areas and in the country side).
  • To measure and model the pacing of ongoing subsidence and its impacts, to have a common fact base and forecasts that provide figures in mm and €, helping to negotiate and decide on new policies and measures.
  • As much as possible and societally achievable, reduce rates of land subsidence and greenhouse gas emissions in soft soil polder lands. In other words: mitigating land subsidence impacts as part of broad sustainability goals.

Pages in English extensively cover the research of our PhD candidates and Postdocs, organised in Work Packages. Pages in Dutch target our societal partners, including details on real-world case studies in several municipalities, water board areas and provinces in the west, centre and north of the Netherlands.