WP2 – Mechanisms and GHG emissions

Work package 2 targets mechanistic understanding and quantification of interactive land subsidence processes and environmental impacts, as occurring under present day human land management (drainage and loading) of soft soils (given historic preconditions).
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WP2.1 – The Role of Microbial Decomposition in Peat Subsidence
Microbial decomposition and land subsidence

WP2.2 – Understanding long term viscous and short term elastic soft soil deformation leading to land subsidence

WP2.3 Greenhouse gas production and shrinkage-swelling in peat
Improve SWAP-ANIMO for peat soils with new observations and by improving the description of CO2 and N2O emissions, shrinkage and swelling.

WP2.4 Physical and chemical processes in soil subsidence and swelling in clays