WP4.1 – Technical measures

This subproject identifies and evaluates measures to reduce and/or avoid the negative outcomes of land subsidence. Measures can be technical interventions aimed at retaining existing land use, or alternative land-use types such as paludiculture and nature. Measures interact with other environmental, economic and societal challenges, such as greenhouse gas emissions, nitrogen pollution, food production futures, the bio-based economy and interactions between rural and urban areas. Model scenarios will be formulated to explore the impact of smart combinations of measures in various potential futures and policy options. Assessment of the opportunities of mixing low-risk and experimental measures will provide insights into developing a more flexible and innovative practice of stakeholders in dealing with land subsidence and associated issues.

Nicoletta Nappo (TU Delft) investigates measures in urban areas and Tom Wils (TU Delft / WEnR) investigates measures in rural areas. Both postdocs work with Mandy Korff (TU Delft / Deltares) and Jan van den Akker (WEnR).